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Every day you flip a switch and a light turns on. You open your refrigerator and you have cold food. You cook family dinner on the stove and reheat it later in the microwave. Energy is an everyday part of your life. How you choose to use energy in your home is up to you  – however, with Residents Energy you can take advantage of our special promotions and energy consumption incentives to make it work better.  There are no extra bills to pay – the utility continues to send just one bill, with Residents Energy listed as your supplier.  We understand that life changes, and that’s why there are no long-term commitments. You can choose to leave a Residents Energy program at any time. (Note that some of our fixed-rate programs do include early termination fees (ETFs). Please be sure to review all terms and conditions of your offer).

Over 2 million of your neighbors’ homes and businesses have chosen an independent energy supplier. You shop every day for the best products and services for your family. Now shop for your electricity and natural gas, and choose Residents Energy as your supplier!

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