Residents Energy is a licensed independent supplier of electricity and natural gas serving the state of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Ohio. Residents Energy supplies the electricity and natural gas to your local utility company, and the local utility company delivers it to your home.

Alternative energy suppliers can be small companies or large corporations.  They are registered with, or licensed by, state regulators and compete to procure electricity and natural gas and sell it to retail customers.

In deregulated energy markets your energy service is made up of two parts: supply and delivery. When you choose Residents Energy as your supplier, we purchase the electricity and/or natural gas for your home on the wholesale energy markets and supply it to your local utility. Your local utility company will continue to safely and reliably deliver that electricity and natural gas to your home.

No. When you choose Residents Energy, your utility continues to deliver the energy to your home or business, provide customer service, bill you and respond to service calls and emergencies.

The deregulation of energy markets began more than 20 years ago.  In states with deregulated energy markets, consumers have the flexibility to choose a company like Residents Energy to supply their electricity and natural gas — similar to the choices available for phone service.

The legislators and regulators in many states have broken up the utility monopolies and opened the retail energy markets to competition between alternative energy suppliers.  The local utility companies must comply with laws and regulations of states it operates in. In some states the local utility companies may no longer profit from the sale of energy; they may only profit from the delivery of the electricity and natural gas to your home.

Consumers who live in a Residents Energy serviceable area can choose Residents Energy as their energy supplier.

You do not have to switch to an alternative energy supplier, but you may be missing out on special offers and promotions not offered by the local utility companies.

There are no sign up fees or deposits required in order to initiate any of our services. Our variable rate programs do not require any long term commitments; you may cancel your service at any time without incurring a termination fee. For some of our fixed rate supply programs however your will incur an early termination fee (ETF) if you cancel before the expiration of the agreement term. Please make sure to review all of the Terms and Conditions associated with your offer before you choose a program.

You can call Residents Energy’s toll-free number, 888-828-RESI (7374) to speak with a qualified energy expert, Monday through Friday, from 8:00am–6:00pm. If you prefer, you can click here now to sign up online. You will need to have your utility bill ready, because we will ask for your utility account number in order to enroll you in our program.

Once you enroll, you will receive a Welcome Letter from Residents Energy that includes all of the Terms and Conditions of the service. Your utility company also will send you a letter notifying you of your expected start date for Residents Energy’s service. There’s nothing else you need to do.

Residents Energy will begin supplying your service on your next meter-reading date. At that point, your monthly bill from the utility will indicate that you have chosen Residents Energy as your supplier of electricity and/or natural gas.

Of course! If, for any reason, you are not happy with your supplier choice, you can switch to another supplier, or back to your utility.  However, please be sure to review the Terms and Conditions of your specific plan or program to determine whether you will incur an early termination fee (ETF). You should also consider the value of any promotional incentives you have been offered by Residents Energy, and the Terms and Conditions of the other supplier’s agreement, before you decide to switch.

Yes! No matter who supplies your energy, you will receive the same level of customer service from your utility. Your utility will continue to read your meter, bill you for service and deliver your electricity and natural gas safely and reliably. You will continue to make your payments to the utility and you should call the utility in the event of an energy service emergency.

You will continue to receive your bills from the utility company. The bills will indicate that Residents Energy is your energy supplier.

Yes. Customers of alternative energy suppliers may contact their state’s energy regulators with complaints about there alternative energy suppliers or their local utility companies.

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